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Project Details

  • Name :Asian Advance
  • Category :Asian Chair

Product Descriptions

New type Baseless processor chair mount unit with one fix program, Gives you very unique & different looks, Gives you neat & clean appearance in base, no obstruction in the base for doctor & patient. Doctor can operate chair & unit function from two places the instruments tray & foot control.Consist of fiber glass body, Halogen light with imported recflector, water system for spittoon & tumbler. Adjustable up & down instrument tray with ABS tray with built in X-ray viewer three way syringe, Air rotor control & micro motor control.

Standard Equipment:

High speed air turbine hand piece tubing

Low speed air turbine hand piece tubing

Luxurious tempered glass spittoon

24V noise DC motor chair

3-way syringe

Operating light

High suction(Motorized)

Instrument tray with air brake

Water tank(Air pressurized)

Operating stool

Air rotor control

Micro motor control



Ultrasonic Scaler

Curing Light 

Medical Compressor

U.V. Chamber

Auto Clave


Power Voltage - 220V 50Hz

Motor Voltage - 24V D.C

Water Pressure - 0.2MPa-0.4MPa

Air Pressure - 0.5MPa-0.8MPa

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